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A professionally designed web site can reap great rewards for your business. Conversely poor design and implementation will cost your business. Several points need to be addressed to ensure that your web presence delivers the results that you desire.

Accessibility and usability

This is paramount to the success of your Internet endeavours. To be effective your web site has to be:

  • found!
  • easily navigated by visitors
These objectives are effectively achieved by developing W3C standards compliant web sites. Search engines enabling your pages to be found will readily index a web site that complies with W3C standards. Furthermore a standards compliant web site will be accessible to the widest audience possible, whatever their abilities or preferred web browser. At bitingedge we are committed to designing standards compliant web pages that will realise your business goals.

Search Engines

Most people using the Internet find the services they are looking for through a search engine - it's probably how you found this page.  Also most people look no further than the first two results pages - more often they find what they want from the sites listed on the first page. The benefits of ranking well in the search engines are obvious - more customers!

Search engine optimisation is often portrayed as a 'black art' - don't believe it. The key to good search engine placement is to develop pages with good, relevant content and to ensure that the search engine spiders can easily access this content. All our web sites designs are structured to be search engine friendly.


There is always a need to update your web site regularly - to inform customers of new products, revise your terms and conditions, etc. If changes such as these are difficult to implement then your web presence could quickly have a negative impact on your business.

Our design service is underpinned by our flexible web content management system designed for ease of use with a WYSIWYG editor ensuring that your content can be kept bang up to date as well as conforming to the latest accessibility standards.

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Digital Imagery
Need professional digital imagery for your web site or company literature?

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